For our Atlanta laser hair removal clients, this treatment is life-changing. Unwanted hair can be a big source of embarrassment for men and women – and many people spend a great deal of time and money dealing with it. Most have a regular routine of razor and foam, messy depilatories, painful waxing or tweezing – and none of these methods provide results that last as long as laser hair removal. At Peachtree Dermatology Associates in Atlanta, GA, we can remove unwanted hair from anywhere on the body using the latest laser technology.

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About Laser Hair Removal

We utilize a YAG laser, which works for all skin types, from very fair to dark brown. While several other types of lasers are approved for hair removal, their effectiveness is more limited. We’ve found that the YAG is the best and safest laser for this purpose.

Laser hair removal is today’s solution for a smooth, attractive look without the inconvenience of a daily regimen. However, if you are considering laser hair removal, it’s important that you have reasonable expectations. Because the procedure works by directing laser energy into hair’s pigment, it’s only effective on brown or black hairs – not blonde, gray, or white ones.

Your Experience

Because hairs grow in stages, laser hair removal is not a “one and done” procedure. The laser only affects hair in the anagen, or active, stage of growth. Several treatments (typically 3 to 6) are initially needed. Those early sessions are scheduled about 4 weeks apart, and then they become less frequent. You should see some improvement right away. Hair is shorter, finer, and less grows back with each treatment. Occasional touch-up sessions (usually between 1 and 3 per year) are needed to maintain results.

There may be mild discomfort during laser sessions. We minimize it with a topical anesthetic as well as a machine that blows cool air over the treatment area. There is a small risk of scarring or temporary discoloration. You’ll have essentially no downtime after a treatment, although you may experience a bit of redness or temporary inflammation. We recommend a mild cleanser and no harsh scrubbing immediately after treatment, but otherwise no change to your daily routine is required. Shaving between treatments is permitted, but we discourage hair removal methods that affect the hair’s root, such as waxing or plucking. Some patients – especially those who have hair removed from their legs – choose to enhance their results with vein treatment for a more comprehensive improvement.

At our Atlanta practice, laser hair removal is appropriate for all over the body – face, chest, back, underarms, legs, and bikini line. It is a very popular procedure with women and men of all ages. The success rate is high, hair reduction is usually permanent, and patients are quite satisfied with their results.

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