Why Do People Get Laser Hair Removal?

Laser-Hair-Removal-Treatments-Indianapolis For many men and women, unwanted hair has a very negative impact on self-esteem. Unwanted hair, particularly when on the face, can cause patients a high amount of unease. Areas of unwanted hair requiring repeated shaving, such as underarm hair, bikini line hair, and leg hair, have long been sites of other therapies utilized in an effort to remove hair in these regions. For decades, treatments such as waxing, tweezing, or electrolysis, have been utilized. While each of these procedures has its own benefits, none of the aforementioned procedures offers true permanence. Electrolysis, while an accepted procedure for decades, can be painful to some patients, particularly in areas like bikini lines and face. Laser hair removal treatment is a much better option.

Dr. Chernoff was recently featured on NBC Dateline highlighting his extensive research in Laser Hair Modification. What is known is that lasers utilized for hair modification can cause the same amount of damage to hair follicles that previously accepted treatments such as electrolysis can. The benefit of utilizing the laser, particularly in large areas of hair, is that it is faster and has been reported as less painful than electrolysis.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

The light energy from the laser causes progressive damage to the hair follicles. This can cause miniaturization of the hair follicles or regeneration of tiny hair follicles near the surface of the skin. Both of these features yield modification of the growth process converting thick, dark hairs into fine peach fuzz hairs. Typically, with each laser treatment, less hair grows back, and it grows back thinner and finer. The FDA has approved Laser Hair Modification for permanent hair reduction. This means that in any given area after a period of time longer than the normal hair growth cycle, we will see a minimum of a 35-50% reduction of terminal growing hairs.

The number of Hair Laser Modification treatments needed is variable from region to region on the body and from patient to patient. After each treatment, there is usually a slight amount of redness in the treatment area. Rarely, some welting can occur in the area. Most patients are able to return to work either that same day or the next.

Dr. Chernoff is continuing his extensive research in Laser Hair Modification with some patents in this area and new technology which will further enhance the ability of lasers to modify regions of unwanted hair.

If unwanted hair is a problem of yours, then there are few centers with the degree of experience that Dr. Chernoff has with thousands of cases performed to give you the most meticulous results. Contact us to learn more about laser hair removal in Indianapolis or Santa Rosa, California.

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