Why choose Ageless Remedies for your Laser Hair Removal?

Our physician is on site and supervises your treatments.
Our aestheticians are trained to make your laser treatments as comfortable as possible
This is a medical procedure, not a simple spa treatment. Having a supervising doctor available ensures that treatments are done according to guidelines and that help is available in case of an unexpected outcome. Each client who is considering laser hair removal receives a consultation with our physician and one of our qualified medical aestheticians before treatment begins to assure safe and effective laser hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal is the most effective treatment for reduction of unwanted hair. Ageless Remedies SouthPark has the latest laser technology providing clients of all skin types safe, effective hair reduction. Our physician is on site and examines all clients before the laser hair removal treatment is started to choose the appropriate laser and regulate the settings correctly.

Why You Need a Series of Treatments

Hair grows in cycles and growth cycles vary depending on the part of the body. For example, hair grows faster on your face then your leg.

Lasers can eliminate hair only when the hair is in the follicle stage of its growth cycle. In a given area perhaps 10-12% of the hair is in the follicular stage and able to be eliminated with the laser. It takes about 4-8 weeks for the hair to cycle again and new hair follicles to form. Then it will be time to treat again. Therefore, at least 5-6 sessions or more are required for a satisfactory result.

How Do Lasers Work?

Lasers work by selectively destroying the hair follicle. When properly administered, lasers target the pigment in hair follicles but leave the skin unharmed. For people with more skin pigment particular lasers, for example, Yag Lasers, are chosen because they are safer for you.

Possible Side Effects

You may experience some redness, swelling, or irritation after treatment. Generally, this lasts for a day, at most. An uncommon potential risk is a burn with altered skin pigment and rarely scar formation.

Preparation for Treatment

You should avoid intense sun exposure to the area of treatment 3-4 days before and after the treatment. Stop Vitamin A products such as Retinol, Tretinoin, Retin-A, etc. 3-4 days before treatment. Shave the area and do not pluck or wax the hair prior to treatment or during the course of your treatment series.


Hair growth is affected by many factors: hormones, medication, age, hereditary issues, skin color and even the weather. No two people have the same response to a laser treatment and the treatments need to be individualized. Generally, you can obtain an 80% or greater clearance level. Touch up treatments may be needed in the coming years especially if you start at a young age.

What to Expect

Before your treatments, avoid sun exposure for 4 days and shave the area.
Stop all Vitamin A products like Retin-A, Tazarac, Retinol, Tretinoin, etc. about 4 days prior to treatment.
You may opt for numbing cream or ice to relieve discomfort. A powerful cooling jet of air is also helpful for discomfort. Dr Greenberg may prescribe pain medicine to take before your treatment if needed.
You, and your aesthetician, will wear special, protective goggles.
A soothing lotion can be applied after your treatment.
Avoid sun exposure afterward, and then always wear sunscreen.
Diminish unwanted hair safely at Ageless Remedies Southpark and enjoy a life with less hair!

Are you concerned about discomfort during your procedure? Ageless Remedies offers nitrous oxide (laughing gas) for mild sedation during cosmetic procedures. It produces a relaxing, euphoric-like feeling which wears off quickly allowing you to drive home after the procedure. Ask us about using nitrous oxide for your treatment!

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